Doodle Letter T

This installment of The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet will be relatively short because it is about truth, and only you know your truth. Only you know what aligns to your values, is faithful to your purpose, and authentic to who you want to be and how you want to live.

Some people dismiss conversations about authenticity, purpose, and soul as being spiritual nonsense and Oprah-esque jargon. This resistance could be due to the challenge of aligning a self-enlightened way of being with our habitual modern achievement-oriented capitalist-driven world; or it could be due to the challenge of accessing the physical time, psychological space, and emotional resilience to explore our truth and connect with our feelings. Often it is easier to rely on external forces and the expectations of others to guide our choices, determine our definition of success, and take the blame when things go awry. But ignorance isn’t bliss, it is just ignorance.

Getting to know yourself isn’t easy, but it can be simple. Although there is definitely value in reflecting back at where you’ve been, that doesn’t need to be your starting point.  Maybe the best place to begin a journey of self-awareness is where you are now and where you are going. Are you being pulled in that direction by choice or by circumstance; by your passion or someone else’s projection; or due to a conscious decision or as a result of unconscious patterns? A lot of what is happening in society regarding human rights and racial equity seems to be because we have accepted societal norms as normal, rather than doing the due diligence of examining if what is, is what should be.

The opposite of truth telling isn’t necessarily the telling of a lie, for that requires pro-active intention. For many of us, the deception we fall victim to is more likely due to passive neglect.

Truth is a hard commodity to come by these days, yet once you find it, its value will continue to grow. As the summer solstice approaches, the 2020 is half-over, and the energy of community activism is all around us, let’s take this moment to reflect upon where we are. If you fear finding yourself feeling lost or stuck, you can always stop and ask for directions−even if you just look inside and yourself.

Truthfully yours,