September 6, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
903 Main Street
CT 06043
WORK_SPACE Hospitality Team

The Manchester Art Association is pleased to host this exhibit which features one of our own most accomplished artists in Jerry Madara along side one of our most favorite instructors in Art Scholz.


JERRY MADARA (Acrylics – South Windsor, CT)

I endeavor to explore new avenues to express myself through impressionism. I also believe in the adage that, “Art should comfort the distressed, and distress the comfortable.”

Painting a wide variety of subject matter keeps me engaged in my work. I am partial to painting animals, but my subject matter ranges from landscapes and city-scapes, to political commentary, to portraiture, and my friends on television and the movies.

All these subjects strike me as interesting or I wish to pay homage to them for their importance to me.

Humor is important to me as well. If my work can make the observer smile, either through the subject matter or the title, I feel that is a good thing. Not all my work is humorous, but I think I’d like to go down that road a bit more often.

I hope you enjoy my work, and find if fun and interesting, and in some cases, uncomfortable.

ART SCHOLZ (Watercolor – Tolland, CT)

Born and raised in the vibrant surroundings of New York City, Art was inspired early on to begin sketching the many faces of subway riders and the ever-changing scenes of city streets. During his teen years, he worked as a summer farm hand and the memorable visions of the rural upstate countryside have remained as the foundation of his country scenes.

After attending the prestigious NYC School of Industrial Art and serving in the Air Force as base artist, he entered the fast-paced world of advertising art. Deciding to freelance as an illustrator and designer led him to a long and creatively exciting career. His versatility in technique and styles allowed him to pursue art in diversified fields such as realistic illustration, decorative art for children and packaging design. Upon retiring, Art was able to return to his original love of watercolor painting.

Now living in Tolland, CT, the countryside of New England is a continuing source of artistic inspiration for him. The richness of acrylic and watercolors capture a notable spontaneity and freshness in his paintings of farms, woodlands and tranquil coastlines. His work communicates the quiet splendor of nature in harmony with each season.

Enjoy viewing this collection of some of his favorites.