The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: O is for Opportunity

Many people are of the opinion that “everything happens for a reason,” that “there are no coincidences,” and that “we make our own luck.” I’m not one of those people. Although I believe a positive outlook attracts positive outcomes, I am of the opinion that random...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet of Values: M is for MEANING

“To be or not to be?” What is the meaning of this question? To live or die? To take decisive action or to passively do nothing? To be who you’ve always been, who you’re expected to be, or to embrace an inner-you that has yet to be realized?The meaning of anything…of...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet of Values: L is for Love

Love might seem like an odd value to explore in a blog focused on business, but it can be quite relevant and fulfilling, if we choose to see its significance. The dictionary defines love in multiple ways: A deep and tender feeling of affection, fondness, or devotion.A...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet of Values: H is for Humor

Although laughter might not be the best medicine in every context, it is physically beneficial in most. Laughter decreases stress, increases endorphins, and has a positive effect on our organs and immune system. Laughter improves the flow of oxygen, reduces pain, and...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet of Values: G is for Grace

An alphabetical approach to exploring values is valuable because it explores ordinary words to find extra-ordinary meaning. For example, the word grace, when used as a noun, is defined as simple elegance or refinement of movement. As a verb, it means to do honor or...

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