To wonder is to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe. When was the last time you experienced wonder? Have you recently been curiously mystified or pondered the unknown without feeling compelled to find the answer, figure out the solution, or check with Google?...

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As a trained Life & Business Coach with degrees in Communication, Social Work, and Depth Psychology in addition to 5+ decades of life behind me, I have come to believe that the building blocks to a fulfilling life are our Values. Through this blog, The...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: U is for Understanding by: Stacey Zackin, PhD, MSW, PCC (Manager, WORK_SPACE) The Entrepreneurs Alphabet of Values is intended to a) provide the writer (aka: me), a basic template and structure for my blog and b) the reader (aka: you) an...

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Guest Blog: K is for Kindness by Beth Stafford

Need vs. Want is a hard balancing act, and one that MACC has done for over 47 years, while providing emergency financial and medical assistance to Manchester and Bolton residents.  A wonderful mentor once told me that in the helping industry, like all industries, we...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: T is for Truth

This installment of The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet will be relatively short because it is about truth, and only you know your truth. Only you know what aligns to your values, is faithful to your purpose, and authentic to who you want to be and how you want to live. Some...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: S is for Stress

We all know about the negative effects of stress on our physical and emotional well-being such as high blood pressure, poor sleep, and reactionary mood swings.  If you Google 'stress management' you'll find many theories and techniques to alleviate stress such as: The...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: R is for Resilience

It is synergistic that as we are in the throes of what has been labeled “the new normal,” that the next letter in the alphabetical rotation of values is R for Resilience. By definition, resilience is the ability to adapt or bounce back; to recover from illness,...

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The Entrepreneur’s Alphabet of Values: Q is for QUIET

Mindfulness and meditation have become mainstream practices in contemporary times, yet our society demands urgency and proliferates stimulation. We are all so busy doing the activity of life we miss the information and insight available to us by experiencing the quiet...

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3 Fool-proof ways to grow your business in Manchester  

How much time do you spend in Manchester? Do you shop at the mall, work downtown, eat on Main Street, hike Case Mountain, or drink craft beer? Manchester is growing and diversifying… and it is no accident. Having worked for the Town of Manchester for the past 22...

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